Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

ppc linux 2.6 can't sleep, 2

To fix the other half of my linuxppc problems, I found that pmud no longer works and that pbbuttonsd (which used to work with pmud) now has pmud's functionality. So I still needed the /dev/pmu stuff, but an apt-get install pbbuttonsd and sleep works again. And for the first time the brightness-adjusting keys works right, with Fn-F1 changing the LCD brightness.

Now if only it weren't so slow... my other powerbook is has something like four times the MHz. :)

Also, LJ bug that's been driving me nuts: if you click way off to the right on the update page, it somehow thinks you've clicked the "switch user" link, with no way to undo it. Ok, I can type in my username/password, but then I can't post to evan_tech.
You'd think someone would write a client for LJ.

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