Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin


I've only built one or two things out of FreeBSD's ports system, so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I tried to build ghc it died in the middle with some compilation error. I poked around a bit and couldn't figure much out -- it looked like it was in one of the final linking stages, and there was no error message aside from make complaining about a nonzero exit code.

So I tried running cvsup, make clean, and then make again, and now I get
/usr/ports/lang/ghc/work/ghc-6.2.2-boot/bin/i386-unknown-freebsd/ghc-6.2.2 -M -optdep-f -optdep.depend -osuf o -H16m -O HaskTags.hs
/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libreadline.so.5" not found

Remind me again why I'm compiling everything?
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