Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

still hate computers

re: os x on my new powerbook slash "why i hate computers, part mcm".


some more things i hate about linux + ppc: new kernel switched to alsa, which required fighting with modules; can't play some quicktime/wmv (though mplayer does most already); flash doesn't really work too well, and it dies if anything else is using the sound card; though i can power the drive down, it's very difficult to track down which processes are making it spin up; etc. etc.

and what's especially frustrating about all of these is that i know they're fixable, and a younger me would've spent the time fixing them. but these days i get home from work and i just wanna click on livejournal and my music and not worry about it. on the os x side, many things work, but the things that don't work are simply not fixable because it's all out of my control. but between "works 80%, and could be 100% with more effort" (linux) and "works 90%, and there's no way to get to 100%" (os x), i'm going with the latter.

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