Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

Adam's at it again. I thought you were through with instant messaging?
Speaking of instant messaging, I finally noticed that Dan Egnor (won the Google programming contest a few years back and is responsible for local search among other things) is all over the place: for example, he ran sweetcode (which, as I said to him in a mail yesterday, was pretty much my favorite site ever), and there's some encrypted IM system mentioned on his website. And I think I even worked with his brother on further?

It's fun to read people predicting The Company's plans, especially when they end with quotes like "I predict Google will be the biggest and most important company in the world in 5-8 years". But through that blog I discovered the Papers by Googlers page, which is awesome. Urs (responsible for papers like this: Eliminating Virtual Function Calls in C++ Programs) is my boss, sorta.

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