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Matt put mt-daapd on my computer, so now he gets transparent (zeroconf and all that) access to my music from iTunes. libopendaap has done all the reverse-engineering work on the iTunes authentication, which looks like it involved disassembly: "Apple (obviously in a futile attempt to prevent people from reversing the algorithm) has changed one byte in the MD5 Transformation algorithm.".
There's also a full-Perl implementation of not only DAAP (audio), but the underlying protocol DMAP that also means there's a Perl implementation of DPAP (used by iPhoto).

  • Either mt-daapd or iTunes chokes on my full archive. Matt got it to work with just the "A" subdirectory, so tonight he expects to manually binary search so we can pinpoint whether it's a data problem or just too many files.
  • I'm not sure if it can do OGG. Nobody's been able to test it because the only existing "real" client and server is iTunes. It seems you could extend the server to support OGG but iTunes still probably wouldn't do it. It's sort of a shame, because it means Matt can only listen to about 3/4 of my music.

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