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(Trying to avoid posting Google stuff, because it's much more relevant to me than it is to any of you.) But this is hella weird:
For example, Jeffrey D. Ullman, a computer science professor at Stanford University and a member of Google's four-person technology-advisory council, says he's urged the company to acquire or team up with a Linux desktop company so Google can extend search to information stored on the computer. This means competing head-on with Microsoft's dominant Windows operating system. "If Google doesn't reach the desktop," cautions Ullman, "Microsoft will eventually take Google's business, just like it took Netscape's." Google execs say that they've discussed the possibility but aren't poised to act.

Also: a friend [who will remain anonymous because he's violating the TOS] managed to forge GMail logins well enough so that his shell can include how much mail is in his GMail inbox. Looking through the code he sent me, it looks like it not only involves setting/getting some session cookies, it also involves parsing through some javascript to get some other magic values to send.

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