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I've been considering writing an aggregator in OCaml, because, y'know, there aren't a million different aggregators already. Oh wait, yes there are. But I want to make one that is not web-based and works specifically well with LiveJournal because that's where almost everyone I read is.

Trying to reinvent the fewest wheels, I found MyRSS, an OCaml library for parsing RSS. (Not to be confused with the million other "MyRSS" programs out there, such as MyRSS, a Python aggregator.)
They use XML light, which I pointed at a feed or two until I discovered it doesn't even support CDATA. Um.

I sent the XML light author a patch but it really seems to me that if I were making an XML lexer/parser I'd start with the XML spec and just follow the (incredibly verbose) spec. But I guess it is a "light" parser.

Blah, wasting time.

Jeff Waugh always sends encouraging mail to the GNOME lists, keeping people motivated. Whenever I read something inspiring via DWN or whatever, I try to remember to send "thanks" emails to the people that are doing thankless work on my behalf.

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