Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

things to do

LogJam release is out. I can let that idle for another six months or so.

So now I want to work on:
  • Implement this algorithm [pretty pictures] and apply it to my LJ friendset. I already started it but I got mired in writing it functionally (still working on that!). I'm also a little confused about some of the details they skipped over (when I merge groups A and B, do I add row B to column A and column B to row A? that seems to doublecount B-A links?).
  • Finish my C bindings for memcached.
  • Make my language detector use trigrams. See how much better the results are. Train it on more data, etc. etc.
    Someone recently told me that the cool kids use something called "support vector machines" to do this sort of thing these days, but I still haven't looked in to it.
  • And the normal pile of things always on the back burner: Pango + Arabic support, multilanguage GtkSpell support (btw, 2.0.5 is actually nice enough that I started using it again)...
Never enough time.
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