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08:51 pm, 7 Oct 10

memcache job offers

I get occasional recruiter spam that specifically calls out "my work on memcached".

This is pretty funny because all I did was make some trivial contributions seven years ago (!) when it was still Brad and Anatoly's toy. (Looking at the logs now, it appears to be right during my brief attempt at using OS X -- I guess I did the first patch for OS X support. And the first and only change to the AUTHORS file mentions me, despite not putting me in it.)

I can only imagine people are looking at the ohloh kudo rank, which currently puts me at #2 for some reason (ahead of Brad, hah).

On one hand, it's kinda cool that recruiters are trying to get with the times ("[companies] won't speak to [candidates] unless they see their github account 1st", wrote one). On the other, when they mention memcached it reveals they don't really know what they're doing.