Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
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bug reports

Two of my favorite bug reports we've gotten.
  1. (Regarding the absence of a Linux version.)

    "Alright lemmie get this straight.... Android is all Linux and all of the google campus is Ubuntu linux sooo.... Why the hec is chrome still in development for linux? It absolutely makes no sense! Also very sad that well I HACKED IT through Virtual box LOL WTF! I had to use windows based codes to havk something to run in nix LOL! Who ever is reading this please just take the time to sit and ask yourself... WHY IS THAT?!? We do use linux at work and out PRIMARY software for our phone is linux WTF are we doing! I will tell you biting the hand of the community that feeds you and keeps helping with FREE DEVELOPMENT YOU PUNKS! Part of the reason that Google has so much money is because of LINUX go ahead and tell me Im wrong! Because I know that Im not! So I will end this by saying it is insulting that the community that develops your software is the same community that has to wait for a stupid browser... To be honest I tride it in windows and thought it was a bit lack luster and IF you had the sense to distribute it in linux MAYBE development would go quicker EVER THINK ABOUT THAT ONE.... No you honestly did not LOL..."

  2. (Regarding how our rounded CSS corners are now antialiased, but the antialiasing looks bad.)


    Why did you release officially this new bug for the public version??? I'm choked! I just updated Chrome to version 4 and it now includes this new awful bug! WTF happened??

    Why are you going backward? Adding completely new bugs instead of fixing the old ones?

    Ok, lets calm down... I'm really outraged by this, I never saw such attitude in software development... ever, in my entire life, and I have 10 years of experience in software development..... this is just unbelievable, such irresponsibility! Going public with this!!! come on!! WHY!?

    Who decided to go public with this new bug? Who is responsible? You know, there might be only a couple of people responsible for this failure, but the whole world will see it as Google's fault, they don't care if it was only 2 irresponsible guys and that "Google" wasn't really aware of what was happening...

    I don't know if you understand how deeply it takes Chrome down by ruining its reputation and adoption.

    The broken anti-aliased rounded-corners look A LOT more awful than the non-anti-aliased at all. Now not only it looks unacceptably shocking but it catches the eyes immediately and makes people asking themselves "WTF is wrong here??!".

    Leaving aliased rounded corners until the Pri-1 bug would be fixed, OK, it's understandable, but making it worst (!) and releasing it to the official public version is an incredibly stupid decision.

    It seems that the people responsible for this massacre are brettw@chromium.org, dglazkov@chromium.org and tony.

    I have decided to take this issue to a higher level at Google."
Tags: chromium, free software

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