Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

LWN subscription

I was just looking at LWN and wanted to read an article that was subscriber-only. I looked into whether I had access to a subscription through work, and found an old thread where my officemate mentioned that he still pays for a separate subscription because he wants to support LWN.

Every time I read an LWN article I am re-surprised at how they can put out such consistently high quality content, covering both the technical and political sides of the free software world. Some recent good ones include a description of how a recent kernel exploit works or Val's history and description of btrfs.

Original, fair, detailed reporting on subjects I care about, without obnoxious ads or pageview-increasing multipage articles but instead supported by small subscription fees is exactly what I wish the internet ran on. So, puzzled by why I hadn't done it already years ago and inspired by my officemate, I just ponied up for my own subscription. Perhaps this post will inspire (or just remind) you to do the same.
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