Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

sweetcode's fate

I finally cornered Dan -- the guy who ran sweetcode -- at a party and told him that I and many others mourn its passing. He seemed surprised.

He told me spent literally hours a day collecting the tidbits that made sweetcode what it was. Since the purpose was to bring things to you that weren't well-known, the normal avenues (hearing from a friend, seeing on a news site) weren't useful. He had to give it up once he got a real job.

We proceeded to discuss why current news aggregation approaches fail (what I'm interested in is good things I haven't heard about before, regardless of the date, while news uses "happened recently" as an heuristic for that), whether a platonic ideal of good exists for the sort of information sweetcode presented, and, y'know, Kaa's law and I got sad about sweetcode all over again.

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