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Evan Martin


I haven't been following the news on this too closely, but man, there are a lot of people saying negative things about Cuil. It's strange to me so many people seem so eager for new competitors in this space to fail, or at least to be able to shout about those failures. Had they overstated their technology (I've been known to make the occasional cynical remark about PowerSet's ability to deliver on their promises) I'd be critical myself, but as it stands I'd rather there were more companies trying what they do.

Maybe my perception is biased because I know the founders of Cuil personally from working with them, and Russell's an old friend from school. They are very smart people -- Russell can code circles around pretty much anyone I know -- and the truth of the matter is that writing a search engine is just really hard. The fact that they've gone as far as they have is actually quite impressive, and I applaud them for pushing the web forward. I expect great things from them.

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