Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

macbook fan speed

A friend has a MacBook Pro. The fan on it runs at high speed at all times, after she's logged in. Fan Control shows low temperature and high fan speed, so the sensors look all right, but from its control graph thingy the fan should be at the lowest speed because the system is cool and idle. We found something online that said you should reset the "SMC", which involves pulling the battery and holding down the power switch, and that maybe helped, but even now it's going between like 2.5krpm and 4krpm when it should be at 1.5k.

Any thoughts? I don't know how to work these things. OS X 10.5.1, 2.4 core duo. Load average is 0.28 0.19 0.17, top shows mostly system stuff.
Tags: fourth wall

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