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Evan Martin

windows laptop

In addition to my work desktop, my work laptop -- which I also use at home in the evenings -- runs Windows. I am now officially a free software sellout. Next comes blog posts where I complain about the developers of free software not paying enough attention to my ("the users'") needs, with "supporting" arguments like "they'll never get market share unless they fix [x]".

I haven't minded the Windows laptop as much as I expected, and I recently flashed on the reason. I posted before with the quote "happiness equals reality divided by expectations". When I use Linux and something doesn't work, I get frustrated because I know it ought to work, and that I could fix it.

But on Windows, I expect everything to suck, and when it only sorta sucks I'm pleasantly surprised. E.g.: about every 30 minutes the wireless system reconnects itself and tells me I have "low signal strength"; I must click their "repair" option to make the wireless work again. On Linux, I'd grumble about closed-source drivers or dig to discover workarounds. (On Linux, the wireless at work Just Works.) But on Windows, I think to myself, "Yeah, no surprises there" and just integrate "click on repair" to the mental list of steps to do before I use the laptop.

I think this is maybe the same reason I was disappointed by OS X: it set my expectations even higher.

(PS: the "repair" process appears conflicted about which determiner to use. It begins with "Disabling the network adapter", then switches to "Enabling your network adapter", then "Connecting to the wireless network", then back to "Renewing your IP address", then a few more "the"s for the various tables it clears.)

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