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post on reddit

My previous post was apparently on reddit. I especially appreciate negative comments because I get those pretty rarely, and I usually learn the most through them (though it still stings whenever they're actually correct). I sorta wish I hadn't dropped the G-bomb, as it wasn't especially pertinent to my post and that's what most people seized upon. (A similar phenomenon: I always feel bad for people working at cool stuff at "unpopular" companies like Microsoft because even when they release something neat it's always spun in a negative way.)

In that post I was particularly trying to highlight that I previously had held some belief ("having people review your code before checking it in would be a big waste of time") and that this belief turned out to be wrong. There's some irony in this showing up on reddit because those sorts of sites are primarily oriented towards letting people reinforce their existing beliefs*.

I'm a little bummed out on reddit in general because while I do want the sort of content they purport to seek (and for some reason I keep going back, despite it seeming worse each time), I know in my heart that the premise is fundamentally flawed.

* E.g., Republicans are bad, Haskell/Erlang/Lisp is good, Vista is bad, Paul Graham is smart, Americans are stupid, etc.

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