Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

network neutrality goons

I got an anonymous comment on one of my previous posts. Curious, I tried a cursory Google check and found a post on Hands Off the Internet and HandsOff43 describing them as someone from "a fake grassroots organization that adopts phony 'public interest' rhetoric on behalf of its industry backers, [that tries] to manipulate local debate on net neutrality."

On one hand the comment seemed informative -- pointing me at a piece from The Economist -- though upon reflection the quote they left didn't actually make any claim beyond what I had said, and could be summarized as saying "the issue isn't as obvious as people may make it seem". And I find it surprisingly respectable that they are trying to change public opinion on such an individual level, even attempting to use reason to make their case -- a concept I thought had been lost entirely from politics.

On the other hand I find trolling blogs pretty schmucky. sourcewatch points out in their Hands Off the Internet article: "The bulk of HOTI's financial support comes from the newly re-formed AT&T, which has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars into HOTI ad campaigns." I hope that people doing this realize that paying people to leave such comments just further entrenches me against them; to me what it mostly indicates is that People with Money are willing to do decently shady things to try to make their case, which makes me think they know their case is weak.

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