Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

switching, 2

While I'm on the subject of switching and tradeoffs: a friend of mine who is very bright but not the Linuxy sort started asking me Ubuntu questions a few months ago. Lots of my friends tinker with Linux and I try to be helpful, but I also don't really expect them to stay -- after all, even after all of the recent strides in Linux I know it's still gratuitously arcane. (I explained this to Case in an analogy that was relevant to a conversation we were having: in other parts of the world, say India, people even a few miles apart don't speak the same language, so everywhere you go is significantly different. That's Linux.)

But in this particular case, I came back from Japan to discover this friend is still hackin' away on his Ubuntu laptop. Apparently it may now be good enough, even with its flaws. Props to both of them.

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