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03:45 pm, 14 Sep 06

division table

I had reached the same conclusion some of you did in the comments on that last post and made myself a division table covering 1-12.

Some notes:
  • It turns out that you already know most of them, and much of the rest follow patterns (like multiples of 1/12 cycle through multiples of 1/4 and 1/3 as you'd expect).
  • I couldn't get pdflatex to generate landscape but I print postscript anyway so postscript it is!
  • I keep imagining that after enough TeX and LaTeX it'll eventually start making sense to me (I broke down and read the TeXbook a while back), but in practice it remains about as obscure as it always has. This gives it the rare distinction of being more confusing and frustrating than even autotools.