April 29th, 2009

  • evan

jaunty upgrade

Upgraded to Ubuntu Jaunty.
  • X hung with garbage on the screen after rebooting. Booted into "restore mode" (I forget the exact name), it gave me a text-based dialog where I could say X was broken. Picking that made it spew --help output to the console and redisplay the dialog, but the fix held.
  • Have new notifications display.
  • Volume buttons no longer work. (I'm on an X60.)
  • Turning my wireless on via the hardware switch again makes it auto-find wireless access points. This worked a few releases ago, then broke more recently, and now it's back to fixed.
  • Turning compositing on in X made everything very slow. (Despite this being an Intel chipset? Maybe related to above recovery problems?)
  • Suspend worked for me once or twice but it hasn't come back from suspend twice now so I guess it still doesn't work. It hasn't worked for so long that waiting another year to see if the next release helps is familiar territory.
  • I still can't figure out how to tell gnome what window manager I want. It's changed so many times over the years that none of the four methods I could find online worked.
I appreciate that releasing software this big is hard, and some of that is hardware issues, that part of the Linux social contract is that it's up to me to roll up my shirt sleeves and fix some of this stuff, etc. So I'll summarize by just saying that for me personally, the upgrade was a waste of time.

I'm considering doing a fresh reinstall in the hopes that I have cruft in /etc/acpi or whatever to help with the suspend thing. I was pretty excited the first time it came back from suspend.

(PS: We set up a Fedora 11 box at work for testing Chromium against different compiler/libraries/etc. They use ext4 by default and managed to get a nonbootably corrupt disk within a few days. I'd suggest avoiding ext4 for now -- it's been fine since we reinstalled with ext3.)