July 14th, 2007

  • evan

haskell tutorial

I started writing a Haskell tutorial about a year ago. I think at the time I was frustrated with what was available, and also in the mood for expository writing, but I didn't really think I'd show it to anyone -- gaal, my hacking partner in crime, ended up learning Haskell on his own. In any case the prime beneficiary, like most of my projects, was myself, because I've always believed you don't really understand something until you try to explain it to discover where the holes in your understanding are. And so I gave up on actually writing the tutorial when my mood shifted.

Today I awoke to a mail that led me to a mixture of nice comments on reddit as well as an offer to be a "tech reviewer" for a book. Maybe I have a writing career available to me after all!

PS: I didn't link to the tutorial here because as I've explained, it's not very good. And beside the point of this post.
  • evan


I feel I'm about 150% more snarky than I need to be when writing, and usually edit out snark once I've completed a {post,email} because it's not useful or helpful. Where does this come from? Is this one of those effects of not seeing the reactions of the people I'm communicating with, or is it an arrogance thing?