May 21st, 2007

  • evan

linus on git

Linus Torvalds gave a talk at Google on git. I could only bear to watch about half of it. I have/had a lot of respect for Linus based on his emails but this was a bit over the top; much of the talk was "[x] is a stupid idea, you must have [y]" without anything to support it. I can imagine a sort of humble arrogance as sorta endearing but it only hurts your cause to be openly obnoxious. I may disagree with the SVN model but saying stuff like "the developers are probably in this audience and you should know they're stupid" is just lame.

I have a rule of avoiding software maintained by jerks (which is why I abandoned arch, though in retrospect I think it's also technically lacking) though I'm not sure if git counts since it has new maintainers now.

Update: node points out that "He makes jerktastic statements like this all the time."