April 12th, 2007

  • evan

return to windowsland

My project peripherally involves Windows. It's been (as I've been saying to everyone) about eight years since I last used Windows on any machine of mine*. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but man, it feels like I'm visiting a third-world country.

(Update: moved this bit to the end 'cause it's not nice.)

One of those open-mind things is to try to go with the flow in not expecting things to work for me as they did elsewhere, but the one thing that's really cramping me is not being able to drag windows by holding down a key and dragging the mouse anywhere inside the window. Does anyone know of software that'll simulate that for me? I find Googling for Windows stuff is pretty hard -- all of the queries I can formulate bring up newbie "click on the title bar to drag windows" guides, and then whenever I think I've found what I'm looking for it turns out to be for Gnome. (I found this already but it doesn't work too well...)

Also, alt-f4 doesn't seem to close windows for me, though other alt combinations like alt-space still work... has that become a setting or something? How would you diagnose this? (On X11 I'd use something like xev to track down which window was getting the event -- is there something like that on Windows?)
Update: turns out my wacky new keyboard has an "F Lock" key that needs to be toggled before the F-keys are F-keys instead of... something else(?).

And also can you configure Firefox so alt+num switches tabs? (Especially with all the rapid switching back and forth between Windows and Linux, I keep confusing myself.)

* except the occasional gaming session but in those instances I'm just clicking on "start the game" icons

PS: (Dropping that metaphor, I keep coming across all these design decisions that are hilarious, like whenever a settings window gives up on logical organization and just drops you into a list control where each line has a checkbox, or how the "fonts" control panel dumps you into a list of fonts and actually changing your system font is under "display", except for ClearType which gets its own control panel. And while I'm on the subject of ClearType, the font options appear to be "no antialiasing" or "add a line of green pixels to the right of all stems".)