April 11th, 2007

  • evan

switching groups

I've been working on "search quality" (roughly "how we choose which results to show") for nearly three years now. The promise of doing this is what attracted me to Google -- working on serious algorithmic/mathematic/statistical problems with the people most knowledgeable about search in the world -- and I feel I got what I was coming for. Though nobody really thinks about it in day to day work, we've really been helping shape how much of the world actually sees the internet, and it's pretty rad to have been able to know and affect that. (In practice it's less dramatic than it may seem; it's only when you step back that you really perceive the gravity of it.)

But I've been doing search for a long time, and it was time for a change. This week I switched projects to a new one in a completely different area, experimental and risky but with a bunch of people I know and respect. I'd love to tell you all about it but you'll have to wait until it's done; I'm sure you won't need to see an announcement from me to hear about it.