February 15th, 2007

  • evan

not actually that grumpy

Dear [mailing list],

I have read (selected subsets) of the preceding discussion with much interest, and I think you'd all benefit if I threw in my completely unsubstantiated opinion here. I think we'll all agree that the color of the shed is critical, and I also have reason to believe that by stating my own personal preference I'll somehow affect the outcome of this discussion.

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to interject something completely off-topic, either in an attempt to steer the conversation towards something I (at least purport) to be knowledgeable about, or just because I'm simply unaware that I'm derailing this conversation completely. The fact that this mail reaches hundreds of people, none of whom even care about the original conversation (let alone this new direction I'm attempting to take it) has never even crossed my mind, though with all honesty it's plausible that the whole public-performance thing has crossed my subconsciousness.
  • evan

wine + fglrx = broken

Wine on my laptop has never worked for me; it crashes while initializing.

After some digging I found the bug, where apparently Wine and ATI disagree on the behavior of some register, hilariously blaming each other. The even more hilarious fix is to set a flag in your x config. How an X driver setting affects a userland app is beyond me.

The net result of all this is of course screwing the user, with an impenetrable error message ("unhandled page fault") if you've got the unlucky hardware. I guess they landed a patch yesterday that at least identifies the problem and tells you about the above.