February 13th, 2007

  • evan

puz hacking continues

I somehow got dan_erat hooked, and he's been hacking like crazy. After some back and forth about the name we settled on "lmnopuz".

You can play (single-player only) here, though the real point of the project is multiplayer. (I disabled multiplayer because we currently waste huge amounts of server resources; not a big deal when you're running it on your laptop to share with friends but more so if I publish it out to the Internets.)

We've yet to figure out the multiplayer/singleplayer distinction, so right now you'll get a few errors and a bunch of unnecessary widgets (like the username and console) on-screen. We solved this one last night collaboratively with a bit of help from mattm on 43 Across (leave it to Mohebbi to know what a "bialy" is).

Contributors welcome! Reportedly, Dan didn't know any JavaScript when he started...

I told a girl, a history PhD from Berkeley, at a party here this weekend about this project and she told me that she thought it was more fun to just share a newspaper. Whoops.