November 10th, 2006

  • evan

spam has won

Nelson says "Spam has won". I get on the order of 50 spams a day (update: to be clear, 50 made it to my inbox -- gmail filters uncountably more), and I've realized I've stopped reading my email as often because of the SNR.

Here's a summary of the sources of one gmail screen's worth of email. Surprisingly, all of this spam been forwarded via one of my alternative email addresses. (I guess I don't typically give out my gmail address.)
email addressspam count
dev@livejournal    3
evan@livejournal           10
logjam@forum2        7
martine@danga  1

From this sample it would seem I can cut out half my spam by getting off the forwarding list of email address I no longer use. On the other hand, I most often use evan@lj, and that one is the worst...