July 18th, 2006

  • evan

hdbus 0.1 and releasing software

HDBus, now with a home page and a 0.1 download link.

The time that's passed since the last time I mentioned this and now is mostly packaging-related. Hooking into the Haskell module registration system, autoconf (this keeps being useful so I'm sorta glad I know about it, much in the way knowing about gangrene may occasionally be useful), adding a license, README, making a website. The Haskell people don't really know what DBus is, and the DBus people don't really know what Haskell is, so the announcements I send to the respective mailing lists ought to be targeted. Tagging the release in the VCS (easy to forget this one but important for tracking down problems users may encounter!). Building docs, copying them up to the right URL.

Etc. Time consuming. I'm glad I don't have to use sourceforge anymore, as pushing software up to them is another 10 minutes of wasted time. The Ruby people actually have made Makefile (well, Rakefile) rules that automatically fill out the upload forms.

I guess real software projects have release managers who know how to do this stuff efficiently. Not that I've ever made any real software.