April 26th, 2006

  • evan


Speaking of C variants, a thread on the Cyclone list mentioned BitC:
BitC is a systems programming language that combines the ``low level'' nature of C with the semantic rigor of Scheme or ML. BitC was designed by careful selection and exclusion of language features in order to support proving properties (up to and including total correctness) of critical systems programs.
Totally weird but cool to see s-expressions in a language which promises "full control over data structure representation, which is necessary for high-performance systems programming": for example, they make a distinction between reference types (heap-allocated) and value types (where the size is statically known), and then have the corresponding distinction between arrays and vectors.
  • evan


Somehow, when I wasn't looking, gaal became a better Haskell programmer than me! I just got completely schooled* by him.

* and not completely in the metaphorical defeating sense: I learned something through his teaching