March 9th, 2006

  • evan

ljrb nearing release

My LiveJournal Ruby module now syncs comments for communities (like this one) correctly, and has more or less the layout I'd like to see in a release.

Can anyone provide pointers on the proper way to distribute a Ruby module? Has everyone really standardized on gems? (I'd really prefer debs myself, but whatever.) The Gems User Guide refers to a developer guide I can't find anywhere.

(Update: more on why gems are unfortunate.)
  • evan

gtk 2.10 overview

GTK 2.10 overview slides. (Especially impressive: native OSX backend!)
It's nice to see the chain of events: first a nice 2D API (cairo), then GTK standardizing on it (in 2.8), and now all apps get cross-platform printing (2.10).

I've also been following some GTK/GNOME developer blogs and they've been putting a lot of effort into performance, which is pretty neat, and uncharacteristic of free software developers in general ("fast enough on my computer, whatever"). Everything's already really zippy on the computers I use but I'm sure faster can't hurt.