February 23rd, 2006

  • evan

google pages / user hate

Props to Ojan (and his team) for Google Pages! We used to joke about making a bet about whose feature would launch first -- his or mine -- and though I beat him by a couple of months, mine was only a small part of a larger team effort, and mostly invisible, so they're not really comparable...

Yesterday I saw a very haggard Ojan at the cafeteria, where he explained to me that they were launching soon. I put my hand on his shoulder and said something to the effect of: "There's something I need to tell you now, before it launches: people will hate it. This comes with putting something out there in front of millions of people -- someone will always find something to dislike and the haters are always the most vocal. Even when we made free optional new features on LiveJournal the users would find something to complain about. I want to tell you this now, so when it happens after you launch it doesn't sound like I'm just trying to make you feel better."

But so far most of the feedback I've seen has been pretty positive (aside from it being slow, probably due both to load and because it's roughly two billion lines of javascript), so maybe I spoke too soon! Maybe LJ users are just extra-bitchy. (Poor Griff, who works on groups, always talks about "the usenet people" being upset. Oh man am I glad I don't have to deal with them...)