December 6th, 2005

  • evan

crosswords, 2

Crossword HTML. It even works if you up your font size and reload.

Unfortunately, despite what Joe might say, I'm not very good at this webdev stuff... do I really have to use absolute positioning to get the cell text and cell number to be in the same position? (That's why I have to reload when resizing -- I need to reposition all of the numbers.) And does it really take 283ms to do that? (Probably not, I can think of a few ways to speed it up.)

I hang out with a bunch of truly hardcore JS hackers so I get especially frustrated when I try these sorts of projects, to think of how easy it'd be for Aaron or Erik or Ojan...
  • evan

greasemonkey hacks

I got a copy of Greasemonkey Hacks in the mail today. It includes one of my scripts, so Mark sent me a complimentary copy, and included me in the credits alongside real JS hackers like Aaron Boodman, Jesse Ruderman, and Simon Willison. Thanks, Mark and Aaron, for doing all the hard work but giving me some of the credit!