November 27th, 2005

  • evan


If I haven't pointed it out before, Autrijus Tang's blog is great reading. He's the Perl 6 hacker but for example a recent post is about hacking in existential types into Haskell.

(What are existential types? I've understood it a number of times and occasionally I discover a pattern I'm looking for while programming is an existential type, but I still don't understand them well enough to tell you the transformation from forall to existential types. Haskell lacks them in part because using that transformation means you can write existential in terms of forall, but they're still useful.)
  • evan

distributed vcs risks

Randomly browsing around after reading a Kernel Traffic thread, I came across The Risks of Distributed Version Control and thought to myself: that quoted bit sounds familiar. Then I realized that I knew the name of the author -- we'd recently had a discussion at work and the quote was paraphrasing me*!

It's a good post, and worth a read if you're interested in the centralized/decentralized schism (Ben's a subversion developer), with even a bit of counterargument from Nathanial of monotone at the bottom.

* And others, I'm sure.