November 7th, 2005

  • evan

arguing with jeffr

I have this recurring pattern: jeffr IMs me and asks what's up, somehow I mention a paper I've read, and then he argues against it for the next hour. And even when I don't necessarily support the paper, since he's arguing against it I end up taking the author's position. This is sorta frustrating, but it also helps (just as a reading group does) with my understanding of a paper... so I think it's generally net positive.
  • evan

bad editorship

Every so often I get to thinking that some people actually read this and that I ought to be more thoughtful when I post. I notice I had a sentence a few posts back that had the form "A, which is B, which is C: D: E." This is probably because I cut'n'paste text like I do code but I don't have a compiler to complain at me. (And that is also why I'm not a very good Perl programmer.)

I'm not really sure what the resolution is. I guess, in the interest of respecting the reader, I just ought to hold drafts for a day or two before I post. Hmm. Like maybe this one. Oh well.