June 10th, 2005

  • evan

bang / whimper

[in response to a post I don't wanna link to for fear of directing more annoying comments but who'll know]

It's interesting to see that, for all of the "Halloween documents" and "how can we compete with Free" from the commercial software industry, people actually are willing to pay for quality software. Just not x hundred for Windows.

[I think "comments disabled" is gonna be my "tag" for "this post has some relation to Apple products" from now on]
  • evan


So I went to a decent college where I met a lot of smart people, and now I work at a company that attracts a lot of bright people as well. But looking back, some of the sharpest hackers I know I met outside of both of those. Like brad, who was just a friend of a friend.

I met Jeff even before Brad: when I was in high school, and again as a friend of a friend. But he's one of those rare sorts of people who are so good at what they do that I wouldn't have expected to have met him in any of the "normal" (school, work, etc.) places.

So I'm happy to see that he's posted at jeffr_tech and I recommend subscribing, especially if you're interested in operating systems.
  • evan

cell phones

This struck me today: There's no reason for the primary input on cell phones to still be number keys. I think entering numbers is pretty much the least common activity I do with a cell phone -- I enter numbers only when I'm adding people to my address book. At all other times, I'm looking up names, navigating menus, sending text messages, etc.