March 15th, 2005

  • evan


I still haven't had a chance to fix my computer. I've been hella busy. But it also gives me an opportunity to ask: what do you use to keep your data safe? Backups? RAID? (What sort?) Crossed fingers?

[For those of you who said backup: I have something like 70gb of data. Even if I had a DVD burner, that's a lot of discs.]
  • evan

editorial process

I'd like to post less frequently, but to do that I need to know what to cut. So you tell me:

Poll #455361 editorial decisions

What do you read evan_tech for?

"Blog"-style rebroadcasts of news. [e.g., gator]
LJ-style posts that happen to be tech-related. [e.g., totally fucked, gmail]
My longer ramblings about computer science. [e.g., influential hackers]
Me discussing my own projects. [e.g., hard drive prices]
Bitching. [e.g., annoyance of the day: fink]
Giving me free tech support. [e.g., data]