March 10th, 2005

  • evan

client apps

Depending on .NET for client applications is a 23mb mistake, as is the promise of cross-platform GUIs. (See e.g.: the proliferation of Java apps, or rather the lack thereof.)

Especially when you already have (had) working native code.

But I've argued this too many times, and it's not my problem anymore. (And, more importantly, users don't mind weird programs when they only have one option; observe the proliferation of Windows AIM.)
  • evan

greasemonkey part n

I think the reason GreaseMonkey succeeds where a mart-style custom proxy will fail is the lower barrier to entry. GreaseMonkey scripts are by their nature brittle and so the only way they can stay useful is to have enough people making them that they stay fixed.

With that in mind, check out the overflowing GreaseMonkey script archive.

In particular, I like the All Music Guide, Google Images, LiveJournal, and NY Times "fixes". And the Gmail persistent searches hack deserves credit just for how insane it is.