January 29th, 2005

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Just to give proper credit: my previous problem comes from htang, who is/was one of those sorts of gurus at school who could pretty much any question about anything.
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We had a smallish party last night*. I wasn’t involved in the planning so I was a little surprised at the number of people who showed up. I asked Ken (whom I recognized but didn’t really know) what he did before The Company and discovered he worked on metacompilation (aka metal, coverity, notoriously responsible for finding Linux bugs like in this mail of his). We talked a bit about his work and it made me a little wistful like hearing about Chris at his “Probabilistic Models of Cognition” workshop.

* I find it amusing when even entries over here become personal.
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lj data

I'm a big fan of GNU R. I fantasize about getting good enough at this sort of thing that I can cut up data in minutes. I'm certainly getting faster, but I have far to go. Here's a bit of a transcript and commentary of some R hackin' on my LJ data along with some graphs.

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