January 23rd, 2005

  • evan

bus hackin'

I was on a five hour bus ride back from the ski trip. I ask Aaron: how much battery is left on your laptop? He's got an hour, so I say we'd better work quickly, 'cause I wanna write a web game.

The game plan was based on a variety of party games: one player gets a phrase ("manifest destiny") and gives clues to get other people to guess it. The version Susannah had involved teams, but we didn't have much time.

We worked nicely in parallel with the wireless off: he wrote the JavaScript/XMLHttp frontend and I wrote a webserver backend, and then we brought up the wireless (Rendevous: so cool!) and we had a version working with enough time to play for a bit. We even got some other people on the bus to play: just point a web browser at kitten.local and with one page load they get an interactive real-time (you can see the clues as they're being typed) experience. Pretty cool.