January 6th, 2005

  • evan

more on darcs

darcs is cute, but I don't think it'll work for me. The "push" process requires darcs on the server's end, and I don't feel like compiling Haskell on poor Brad's machine. (Also, the push runs scp multiple times, and that means I type my password multiple times. I don't want to have ssh keys giving passwordless entry to my friend's machine, especially when my laptop is easily stolen...)

I also don't quite understand how darcs handle the global namespace problem of distributed development. Suppose I have three branches from the same source: A, B, and C. Then suppose I make patches pA and pB, then merge B into A and into C. (So now I have A+pA+pB, B+pB, C+pB.) If I then merge A into C, how does it know that pB has already been applied (that is, that A's pB is the same as C's pB) without a global identifier for B or pB?

I believe the answer to that is that patches are named by their md5 (or some such hash) but I'm not sure.
  • evan

fdata release, 2

With that said, I've put up my new! improved! friendsrank code with arch.
You can get it with:
tla register-archive http://neugierig.org/software/arch/martine@danga.com--2004-kitten
tla get martine@danga.com--2004-kitten/fdata--dev--1

The raw friends data is now available at http://neugierig.org/software/fdata . It's nearly 3mb.

These tools are now split up, so I can create subsets of the graph (for example, just me and my friends) and run degree, etc. computations over those.

My new theory is that tsenft may really deserve to be up top-- she has incoming links from lots of camgirls. But the indegree distribution I posted before indicates that I somehow have crawled lots of her inlinks. Perhaps it's because she has lots of bidirectional links?
  • evan


What do people use to make flash? Is some pay-only Macromedia's stuff the only option, or are there free alternatives? I'm looking to do some web-art sorts of projects, so I expect to be working mostly with simple text and lines, but I'll also need to be able to access the network from flash.