November 13th, 2004

  • evan


I have scads of facts lying around, from logins to friends' sites to phone numbers to lists of music I want to buy to recipes to old LJ posts to...

How do you manage this sort of data? Are you happy with your solution?
  • evan


Why don't wikis use webdav for editing pages? You'd think I could have a link like "edit://", which I could have my browser use to launch a non-textbox-editor. Even vim supports opening files via a URL like "dav://...".

Update: some looking around indicates the protocol is complicated and there aren't many working server implementations outside of the apache-based one.
  • evan


Mozex, which lets you edit textareas with a Real Editor (thanks for the tip), has a kinda janky interface, but it was enough to get me to make a new style for evan_tech. Maybe later I'll get motivated enough to fix all of the other journal views.

(PS: my web design skills show why I'm paid to write code instead. Though generator has done pretty well.)

(PPS: to make mozex work in firefox 1.0, you need to edit to edit its settings manually in prefs.js.)
  • evan

brad mentioned this earlier on the phone

"... now we have to find Perl's char* memory address holding the C string in $struct above. the only default thing in Perl that can do this is Devel::Peek, which can only write it to stderr. And at an XS layer, not a PerlIO layer, so we can't even tie the filehandle to a Perl class. The only way to capture Devel::Peek's output is to dup2 the stderr fd to another file, then parse that file."

When all you have is a hammer. ...
  • evan


This was one of the first LJ clients I wrote. I talk a lot with Blogger developers about the ways we used to interact with LiveJournal and I've mentioned this many times, but I finally dug it up. The top window was the settings, and the tiny bottom window was what normally showed up on screen when you ran the program.