August 10th, 2004

  • evan


I often want to print long papers like Phantom Types and Subtyping, which is 60 pages. But 60 pages is too much!

The first trick is to print duplex, which cuts it down to 30 sheets of paper.
The next typical trick is to use psnup -2 to put two pages per page, reducing it to 15. But then the text is too small to read.

The solution is to use pstops to simultaneously do the psnup while scaling the image up and chopping out all the huge TeX margins.
A command like this does the trick for me:
pstops '2:0L@0.8(22cm,-1cm)+1L@0.8(22cm,12cm)'

Briefly, that's:
2:   two pages per sheet
0    page zero
L    rotate left
@0.8 scale to 0.8
(22cm,-1cm) offsets (you may have to play with these)
+    the other page
1    is page one
Note the -1cm offset; that (and the other adjustments) actually cut out the margins of the document.