April 21st, 2004

  • evan

everyone needs to write one themselves

LogerGnome, etc. (whoever they are) are using a new (to me, at least) blogging system called Blogware. From the docs it looks pretty impressive: they have the typical rich text editing, comments, WYSIWYG journal customization, and they even ganked LJ's "friends-only", etc., but they also have stats, integrated photo/file hosting, and the inbox-style comment model (see "Reading Comments" in those docs) Brad was always talking about.
  • evan

logjam and gtk2.4

GTK 2.4 changes a bunch of APIs around again. It's (source+binary)backwards compatible, but they deprecated a bunch of widgets. I was poking around at it yesterday and I was writing code like this:
ag = gtk_action_group_new("MenuActions");
gtk_action_group_add_actions(ag, actions, G_N_ELEMENTS(actions), jw);
ui = gtk_ui_manager_new();
gtk_ui_manager_insert_action_group(ui, ag, 0);
if (!gtk_ui_manager_add_ui_from_string(ui, ui_desc, -1, &err)) {
and then the awfulness of all of these function names and casts and never-ending revision hit me. I don't think I can deal with it anymore.

(Right here someone's gonna wanna comment and suggest [other language, probably C++] and I'm gonna laugh at you in advance.)
  • evan

speaking of painful programming languages

I was googling for an image visually representing what "fold" does (the current homework in my programming languages class involves implementing a fold-like function and the students are hardly comfortable with induction/recursion, let alone functions as parameters, polymorphism, etc.) and I came across this page.

They define a numerical integration function, first in Haskell and then in XSLT. The Haskell is five lines near the beginning. To see the XSLT, scroll down a few pages: it's on a colored background so you won't miss it.