March 22nd, 2004

  • evan

hahaha jerks

A Slammer-like worm dubbed Witty is spreading, generating large amounts of network traffic and leaving ruined computers in its wake.

The worm, which appeared overnight Friday, exploits a weakness in the widely-used Black Ice security products [...]

[more technical info]
Now that all these companies are making money off of Windows security holes, it's fitting that the virus authors are targeting them. But shouldn't these people know better?
  • evan

xmlreader, aggregator

New version of my OCaml-libxml2-xmlreader bindings at the usual place. I know at least Josh has played with it... Collapse )

I figure that project is small enough to be finishable, so I ought to at least do that so all of my efforts don't go to waste.

I like OCaml a lot, but don't get me wrong: I also am quite frustrated by its limitations. I read about G'Caml and lust. Etc., etc.

Too many LiveJournals for me to read, and LJ is too slow for me to be able to read them at a pace I'm comfortable with. I keep thinking about fun things I could do in an aggregator. Erik is a personal friend and I like following his life, but he tends to just repost articles from Slate 90% of the time—wouldn't it be fun if I could just filter those posts out automatically?