February 16th, 2004

  • evan

linux popularity

Market researcher IDC expects to announce within weeks that Linux' PC market share in 2003 hit 3.2%, overtaking Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh software. And the researcher expects Linux to capture 6% of this market by 2007.

I suppose it's all the non-desktop stuff, though there have been huge installs in Spain and... Brazil?
I still find it pretty comical that people use Windows (and rdesktop or something?) as servers.
  • evan

new p2p

"MUTE protects your privacy by avoiding direct connections with your sharing partners in the network."

Claims they use "ant behavior"... routing algorithms, I suspect!
  • evan


The Off System stores bits of files on different servers, only to be recombined (mathematically, not just concatenated) by the client. Is it illegal to have data that can xor against other data to produce copyrighted data? Which half is the copyrighted half?

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