February 9th, 2004

  • evan


lbdb is neat.

Here's something that ought to be on the manpage.
Import your current inbox into its address list with something like this:
formail -X From: -X To: -X CC: -s lbdb-fetchaddr < /var/spool/mail/myusername

Then you hook it into your procmail so it gets all new addresses (that is in the manpage), and you can then point it at other sources for data.

Now, when I query "lee" from mutt, it finds (among others, emails screened for privacy):
1Eileen Hashesp@2004-02-09 13:01
2kathleen patricia brennankpb@alias Kathleen
3Lee Colleton (Q: Reality?)lee@(GnuPG)

Which shows it's pulling email address from my incoming mail, my mutt aliases, and my GPG keyring. Fancy.
  • evan


Reading project: Ken Shan's continuations reading group. The 5th background paper uses C analogies, which is weird. Apparently this is a GNU C extension:
void p(void *x) {
    goto *x;  /* weird: dereferencing void* */
main() {
    p(&&L1);  /* weird: double-& operator. */
L1: exit();
It makes sense, though.