February 5th, 2004

  • evan

gpg, rambly but continued

I decided I trust my admin, so I built gpg on the ssh-accessible machine. But then my mutt didn't have gpg support, so I had to rebuild that. And because of that, I had to rediscover the whole problem it had with the noatime file system and how to work around my lack of suid access for mutt, and then on top of that, I can't remember how I got it to build with the slang UTF-8 libraries so I gave up on that dream and now all of my Chinese spam again looks like gibberish. Sigh.

But the point is I have gpg now.

It's not too useful without people signing my key, but as jwz pointed out, it's not too useful in general: I don't need encryption or signatures on my email. And I have a point! I plan to use the arch patch queue manager to allow commit access to LogJam in a secure fashion for people like gaal, and that requires GPG.

And, happily, the debian-seattle-social mailing list (yes, one exists!) coincidentally has planned a keysigning party for Sunday, so I hope to get my newly-created key signed by illustrious people such as the Debian Hardware Donations Manager.