February 2nd, 2004

  • evan

one more gtkspell post before i quit

Man, the new GtkSpell maintainer is kicking so much ass. I've collaborated with a lot of people on a lot of projects and I think this fellow has been the most thorough person I've ever encountered!

He has:
  • Added a bunch of features/fixes (sort of the point of taking over, really).
  • Updated the webpage to link to the docs I so painstakingly wrote, and even updated the RPMs for the release (I didn't even do that!).
  • I explained the chained library dependency problem*, and he dug up Havoc Pennington's Parallel Installation doc and started a new branch.
  • Correctly tagged the 2.0.5 release in CVS. (This is important so we can make diffs against 2.0.5 to track down bugs or to make make the next release announcement.) But mostly it's a minor detail and the fact that he caught it gives me a good indication of his level of clue.

* Basically: app builds with -lgtkspell on Linux, BSD, which means we can change the gtkspell backends at random; the dynamic linker will figure it out. But on HPUX, etc., app builds with -lgtkspell -laspell -levery_chained_dependency, and so if we allow people to install a new gtkspell binary over the older one that has different library dependencies, we break all the apps on those platforms. The solution is to provide a new library version, and let them compile the apps for the new one.
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