January 28th, 2004

  • evan

gtkspell takes off

The new maintainer released GtkSpell 2.0.5, and it looks good:
Major changes since GtkSpell 2.0.4:
  - Deferred checking: the misspelled word highlighting now works
    like other applications and delays checking the current word until
    the cursor exits it.  This way correct typing can proceed without
    being interrupted by the highlighting of partial words as they are
  - The "Add to Dictionary" menu command now actually adds to personal
    dictionary, instead of just the current session.
  - A new "Ignore All" menu command to add a word to the current session.
  - Behavior on a right click event changed so that cutting/copying with
    the mouse works again in a GtkSpell attached text view.
  - No longer consider numbers to be misspelled.  This combined with
    word breaking fixes in Pango should handle all letter-number
    combinations nicely.

And this fellow looks to be doing multilanguage support!