January 24th, 2004

  • evan

a better approach

Just after posting all that last night, it occurred to me I had one other resource: my textbook.
After reading the Haskell manual a dozen times and scratching my head, I turned to chapter 29 and read their straightforward, simple, and thorough introduction to kinds.

I always forget there are resources other than the web. :)
  • evan

speaking of fancy languages

Nice just popped into Debian. I know close to nothing about, but it looks like they took Java and did all the sorts of things I've been ranting about!
...This means that programs written in Nice never throw the infamous NullPointerException nor ClassCastException.
And it still is Java, so you can use Java libraries from it.
... The clone example might be more familiar to Java users. In Java, the clone method, defined in class Object, has a Object return type. In fact, one would like to express that the clone method returns an object of the same type as its argument. This is possible in Nice, and it allows for cast-less use of clone.
  • evan

arch browser

arch.bluegate.org has a repository browser.
So now (some of) my code is online again.
I really ought to stick everything I've done up there... maybe later.

Hints for making it work: I had to chmod a+rx all of the directories in ~/.arch-params so apache could read it.
And by default it shows archives that are registered with sftp:// paths, which of course random web users can't browse to.
Good thing I still sorta-know Python! But the re.match/re.search distinction threw me for a bit.